Authenticated Ammunition Tracking


The Bullet ID System is an effective and automated inventory management system, allowing accountability at the level of the individual round. The Bullet ID System is fully automated, with intuitive software integration into the machine. This unique combination of high-speed laser engraving, coupled with Bullet ID’s robust software, allows for real-time monitoring of production, tracking of distribution, and real-time inventory levels.

The breakthrough in Bullet ID’s technology is the unique code that is micro-laser engraved on factory-produced ammunition. The laser engraved etching is on the outside of the bullet case, and each code matches to a single box of cartridges that is distinctive from all other ammunition produced.

Each Bullet ID code is trackable, allowing instantaneous control over inventory volume, location, and history. The data is encrypted and require authenticated access, delivered through an officer’s smartphone.

The identifying code is more advanced than other barcode markings, being both error and tamper-resistant due to its 3D complexity. An officer can access the information by simply scanning the code off the bullet using their authenticated smartphone.

The Bullet ID technology provides a method for law enforcement personnel to manage ammunition inventories, and track valuable information regarding a bullet’s supply chain. This technology is the first and only one in the world that allows inventory management and control at the level of the individual round.

The design of the laser engraving, in addition to the robustness of the system, allows for the successful scanning of the code even after less than 50% remains intact. Bullet ID’s visionary technology is designed with the future in mind, and can accommodate over 21 quadrillion unique codes. With approximately 10 billion rounds sold annually in the United States, and 20-30 billion rounds sold worldwide, Bullet ID is capable of keeping pace with the current volumes for decades to come.