Gun Statistics in America

Wondering if guns have permeated American culture?  Here are some facts compiled by ABC NEWS and The Atlantic’s CITYLAB:

According to a 2012 report by ABC’s Jack Date, Pierre Thomas and Jason Ryan:

  • There are approximately 14,869 more gun stores in America than grocery stores.Specifically, there are 51,438 gun retailers and 36,536 grocery stores.
  • There are almost as many gun dealers in America as gas stations.There are a total of 129,817 gun dealers in the country, which include retail stores (51,438), “collectors” (61,562), pawn shops (7,356), and importers and manufacturers. Meanwhile, there are 143,849 gas stations.
  • There are more than twice as many gun stores in America as McDonald’s restaurants. There are only 14,098 McDonald’s.
  • American gun companies made 5.5 million new guns in 2010 and 95% of them were sold to Americans.
  • These ~5 million guns weren’t nearly enough to satisfy American demand for guns in 2010, so an additional 3.3 million guns were imported.
  • There were 16.5 million background checks for gun purchases in 2010. You can get a gun unless you have a criminal record or are evidently insane.
  • 47,856 people were murdered in the U.S. with guns from 2006-2010. This was more than twice as many people as those killed by all other methods combined.

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According to a 2016 data mapping report by The Atlantic’s Tanvi Mirsa:

  • There are 64, 747 licensed gun dealers in the U.S. as of December 2015.
  • There are six gun dealers in the U.S. for every Starbucks (of which there are 10,843, according to 2013 data).
  • Gun sellers outnumber grocery stores (37,716 in 2014), McDonald’s (14,350 in 2014), and total coffee shops (55,246 in 2016).
  • If gun collectors, manufacturers, and importers were all counted as gun dealers, the total number balloons to 138,659—far more than, say, the number of public schools in the country (98,328 in 2011-12).

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Gun Statistics in America