Authenticated Ammunition Tracking


The Bullet ID System is an effective and automated inventory management system, allowing accountability at the level of the individual round. The Bullet ID System is fully automated, with intuitive software integration into the machine. This unique combination of high-speed laser engraving, coupled with Bullet ID’s robust software, allows for real-time monitoring of production, tracking of distribution, and real-time inventory levels.

The key to Bullet ID is the unique number that is micro-laser engraved on factory-produced ammunition. The laser engraved etching is on the outside of the bullet case, and each code matches to a single box of cartridges that is distinctive from all other ammunition sold.

Each Bullet ID barcode is trackable, and confidential records are securely maintained to identify individual ammunition purchases.

The Bullet ID technology provides a method for investigative law enforcement personnel to access ammunition purchases and link spent cartridge cases found at crime scenes to the initial purchaser.

The identifying code marking is similar to bar code markings and scannable on the site where the bullet case is located by employing the police officer’s smartphone. Within 10 seconds, the investigating officer is able to correlate the spent case to its purchaser directly.

This system does not necessarily prove who pulled the trigger, but it does provide law enforcement with a valuable lead to quickly begin their investigations.

The design of the laser engraving system allows law enforcement to identify the bullet case code where as little as 25% of the laser engraving remains intact after recovery. The Bullet ID system can accommodate over 21 quadrillion unique codes. There are approximately 10 billion rounds sold annually in the United States and 20-30 billion rounds sold worldwide annually. It is capable of keeping pace with the current rate of sales for decades to come.